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Finding a cheap phone plan doesn’t have to be so complicated. This is possibly the easiest thing to save significant amounts of money on. It’s the first thing I changed when I learned about the FIRE movement and promptly joined.

Of course, I’m going to do the classic blog thing and give you a bunch a huge intro before laying out the goods, it’s like verbal foreplay. Without this part the meat of it just isn’t as enjoyable.

There is a general rule, or disclaimer if you will, if you use a significant amount of data, why? I mean really genuinely, why? Can you get away with not? This will make a huge difference in your phone bill each month so if you can find a way to not use data, or at least not more than a few gigs, you will give yourself a huge boost. Practically every service nowadays has a download content for offline viewing option now anyway.

Now, let’s talk plans, and in talking plans, towers. I’m going to layout my favorite, based on reviews, costs, and for 1 personal experience.

#1 Mint Mobile

This is my number 1 choice, and it’s the one that I personally use. for 3 gigs per month, yes only 3, it’s $15 per month when paid ahead. So you do unfortunately have to lock in 1 full year. This means that you have to spend $180 but you then get a full YEAR of service with absolutely no other charges, unless you want to purchase more data. You also can get the first 3 months at the $15 per month price as a trial. This way you don’t have to lock in for the whole first year.

Mint has earned a special place in my heart as, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they offered unlimited data for every customer, completely free of charge. Everyone got a phone call with the pre-recorded voice a Ryan Reynolds announcing the gift.

Be wary though! Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile towers so if that doesn’t work well in your area, try one of the following plans. It honestly doesn’t work that great where I live but for $15 dollars per month? I’ll be alright.

#2 Google Fi

Google Fi is a great runner up and would probably be the only other provider I would use as I love everything Google. They offer plans based on the number of lines, 2 lines being $18 per month plus $10 per gig if you need it. This would be a great fit if you want more control over your phone plan and are uncomfortable locking into a new plan for a whole year.

Another great benefit to the Google Fi plan is that you can get discounted pricing on the Google phones like the Google Pixel 4 or Google Pixel 3a. I don’t personally like purchasing new phones as many of the run for close $1,000 or more, the Google Pixel 3a XL is only $299.

Google Fi also uses not 1, not 2, but 3 different towers that phones will switch between depending on the coverage from each. Those towers are U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

#3 Pure Talk

Now, if you know for SURE that you need at&t towers, well here ya go. They offer a wide variety of plans ranging in price from $20 for 1 gig to $55 for unlimited. I haven’t personally used this company as the price is just a bit higher than what I pay and comes with 2 gigs less in data, but it does, in fairness, utilize the generally better at&t towers.

Something important to note here as well as with the following provider, is that with at&t and Verizon towers, you are very much so paying for the use of those towers. MVNOs that use other towers tend to be a little bit cheaper in price but also tend to has slightly less coverage. Although, with 3, Google Fi may have made up for it.

#4 Visible

This provider uses the best of the best, Verizon. On top of using Verizon towers, it offers unlimited, everything. Talk, text, and data, no cap, endlessness. This is for those of you who really need it all, but still want to save just a bit of money. At $40 dollars per line unlimited, you really can’t get much better than that.

I don’t use this provider because I don’t use this much data, but if you need to be using data for work or for whatever reason data just isn’t something that’s flexible for you, I can recommend Visible as your provider.

Something that Visible does outstandingly well is the simplicity. That $40 dollars per month I mentioned above, that’s it. That’s including taxes, fees, everything.

I hope that you can take this information and use it to create some space in your budget for investing and saving for your future.

Goodluck, and thanks for reading.

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