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Look at your budget. Like really look at it. Well, first thing’s first. If you haven’t already, make a budget, THEN look at it. I want you to look at everything on your budget and mark things that you can adjust. Not necessarily that you will end up changing or eliminating, just stuff that you could possibly get rid of if you absolutely had to. These would be things like gym memberships, subscriptions, etc. Now just look at how much control you have in your budget. More than you’d think right?

No? Take another look. Could you change your car insurance plan to something cheaper? Could you find a cheaper phone plan? I want you to highlight these or mark them in some way. Now it’s starting to really add up huh?

What about rent? Could you find cheaper rent? Could find a creative way to save on rent like getting roommates or house hacking?

The point I’m trying to get across here is that there is pretty much nothing that you can’t control in some way. The people that I’m looking to reach here are not high earners. Often the low income earners that I am trying to reach feel a sense of helplessness due to their high bills and low income and little gap due to these 2 things.

I want you to understand that there is something that you can do to get set up for retirement. Making less money will make it more difficult and there is no getting around that. What you have to do now is be more creative about how you are making and spending money.

I recommend reading the post – My Baby and using the spreadsheet linked to go through your expenses.

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